Business Hours 营业时间

Business Days: Tuesday to Sunday.
营业日子: 星期二 至 星期日

Business Hours: 11am - 3pm / 6pm - 10pm
营业时间: 早上11点 至 下午3点 / 傍晚6点 至 晚上10点

Close on Monday.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ho Chak! 好吃! 

8TV's Ho Chak! Came to LaoMaZis during the month of September.
The video was featured on 8TV during the second week of November.
.:: Will update the video soon ::. 

During The Actual Shooting
[ Pictures behind the scene ]










Group Picture!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LaoMaZis Home Cooked Dishes 老妈子家乡小菜



这一间“老妈子家乡小菜”是以家乡菜肴为 主的菜馆。


店里简洁的环境原本就给人很 舒服的感觉,当一道如你我家里常吃的菜肴端上桌时,更见亲切!


“LaoMaZis”-a place for everyone!

A home cooked dishes specialty restaurant situated in Jalan Ipoh.

A nice and cozy place with simple yet delicious home cooked dishes.

Click HERE to view the map!

LaoMaZis Specialty 特别推荐

We want every customer to feel home whenever they visit LaoMaZis .

Therefore, LaoMaZis dishes are all specially designed to suit everyone's appetite.

We are not only specialize in home cooked vegetable, toufu, chicken, fish or pork dishes, but also in home cooked duck, mantis prawn and many other dishes (You name it!).

We bet you'll miss our food once you try it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Drop by at LaoMaZis and let us serve you with the best out of us!

As we said, we will be serving home cooked dishes from chicken, duck, vegetable, fish, toufu, pork, mantis prawn to wild boar dishes. We will introduce and update our latest dishes in our web page.

LaoMaZis Specialty Dishes

Click on the underlined links below to view the dishes.